Our Story

The Cirrik is a famous bird found in the South East of Turkey, renowned for it’s unique, delicate taste. It's a specialty of Ocakbasi barbeque restaurants in the district of Adana. During spring time, bird hunters would come from all around to catch themselves a Cirrik bird to be grilled on the Ocakbasi.

There was a master chef named Huseyin from the town “Kadirli”. He was famous for the delicious kebabs and unique street food dishes. Hunters used to bring their Cirrik birds to him and he would never charge them for cooking their birds on the Ocakbasi. But the great flavours enjoyed by the locals would not be kept to this little town in Adana. The world was destined to taste the great tasting food he was creating. 

Huseyin trained some of his finest chefs, as they planned to London to start some of authentic Turkish Ocakbasi restaurants. Years later they heard that their master had passed away, so they decided to open a restaurant in honour of him and the first CIRRIK 19 Numara Bos restaurant was born.

Today the Kepez family continue these great traditions, ensuring the unique flavours and hospitality lives on with the great authentic Turkish Ocakbasi barbecue food at Cirrik 19 Numara Bos, Dalston.

Rumour has it, if you find a Cirrik bird today (around Hackney Fields...?), then the great Cirrik chefs will happily cook it for you free of charge..